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By Margot | November 1, 2012

Three pumpkins for three boys

Two Brazillian soccer players, Cruella and Beckham

Baby Sam the clown

Sam loved  Halloween.


We’ve had a lot of Sam moments this past month.   We miss you, Sammo.  You would have loved running around with your brothers this Halloween.  The boys got quite a haul of candy last night and ran around Darcy’s neighborhood with a big group of kids.    Andrew and Charlie were Brazillian soccer players.  Andrew was Neymar and Charlie was Hulk.  Unless you are really into soccer, you might not know who they are but Neymar has this awesome mohawk so we got Andrew a mohawk wig and he rocked it.  We sprayed Charlie’s hair black so he would look like Hulk.   The boys are getting so big.  It’s crazy to look at Andrew as Captain America in 2006 and look at our big fourth grader now.  He even carved his own pumpkin this year.  His was on the far left (Charlie picked the complicated “welcome”  stencil that took forever). Andrew’s playing flag football and soccer now and loving both.   He made a last minute touchdown run last week to win the football game.  I was out of town on business but Neil said it was awesome.   They held the school elections and Andrew won Vice President yesterday.   He loves student council.  If I can get a copy of the speeches, I’ll try to post his here.   He worked hard on it.   Charlie boy is doing well.  He split his chin open a couple of days ago playing four square and he and I spent the day in the ER waiting for them to glue it back together.  He regaled the nurses and doctors with a total reenactment of how it happened, “Well I was playing foursquare and Chance threw up a cherry bomb and I went for it but tripped and hit my chin on the blacktop.”  Then he had to explain what a cherry bomb was to all of the doctors.  It was funny.    He’s still “Mr. Sacrifice your body for the ball” in whatever sport he is playing.       He has a piano recital coming up and he’s been working hard on his pieces.  He’s also playing soccer and baseball and is about to start all stars in soccer.  Neil is going to coach his all start team.  He did great this season and played center-mid.     His baseball team had a game last Sunday and I was sitting behind the bench.   The boys were all talking about their brothers and one of the seven year-olds was telling the boys that his brother was born with autism and he was explaining it.  Charlie said, “My oldest brother died.”   The whole bench asked him how he died and Charlie calmly said, “He had neuroblastoma, it’s a type of cancer.”   After asking how old he was and Charlie having answered nine, a little six year old boy gently put his hand on Charlie’s arm and asked nicely and knowingly, “Was he a smoker?”   I laughed out loud after being near tears. You probably had to be there but it was a very funny moment after a not very funny conversation.   Charlie by the way answered “No, no he wasn’t a smoker.”

Neil and I are doing all right.  We were able to see Dr. Sholler this fall when we ran Max’s Run (a phenomenal event that was at Qualcomm this year big kudos to the Mikulaks).  It was great to see Dr. Sholler and talk with her.   Our weekends are pretty much all sports, all the time.  Neil is coaching Charlie’s regular team and has brought the boys really far along.  He’s done such a good job.   I’ve been taking a creative writing class at UCSD with my friend Lisa.  It’s fun but a lot of homework.  Not sure I have much of a workable story yet:-)   We are going to New Mexico for Christmas again this year and then will drive up to ski in Telluride with Neil’s family.  The boys are very excited about the trip.

I think that’s about all I have to report.  Still missing Sam so much and really enjoying Andrew and Charlie and so proud of both of them.  I keep thinking the holidays will suck less each year and they do.  And they don’t.  Story of our lives.

Thinking of all our friends on the East Coast.



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5 Responses to “Halloween”

  1. tom Says:
    November 5th, 2012 at 10:38 pm

    Margs and Redman,

    Sammo loved Halloween the most of any kid. His costume was always a big deal. The Big Deal.

    He passed it on to Andy and Charlie. Two happy wonderful kids.

    I think often of Sammo and his love of life. When I get down he is one person who I try and resemble..his motto was Inch by Inch we Fight..

    Love all you kids.


  2. Jan Says:
    November 9th, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    As always, a moving post. The smoking story is a wonderful moment and you captured it so well. Hope that your visit to NM is a little less rushed than last time and that we will have a chance to get together. Best, Jan

  3. Colleen Kuhn Says:
    November 13th, 2012 at 3:06 am

    Love the costumes and the stories and the update…. thinking of all of you, especially when we talk ND football!!!!! GO Irish!!

    Our kids were little clowns at some point in their young lives and Little Sam looks so happy & content! He’s probably missing you all just as much as you miss him!
    Hugs to each and everyone of the mighty Hutchison’s !!!
    XXOO, Colleen

  4. Deborah Says:
    November 21st, 2012 at 4:05 am

    I enjoy stopping by this site from time to time to see how my former neighbors are doing. The smoking story is amazing; don’t worry– you didn’t have to be there to appreciate it! Y’all are remarkable parents, with really special kids. Thanks for continuing to share the joys and the struggles, as you move forward. I can only imagine how much you must miss San, but am always moved by how you all thrive, while keeping his memory present. All the best, til the next update..!

  5. Angela Rowe Says:
    November 25th, 2012 at 3:33 am

    Hi guys, I have not been on here in awhile but thinking of you. Madison and I talk about Sam often. He was/is such a special guy. Love hearing stories about the boys and your lives. I think it is great than you can go forward (always with Sam). I think that is so important and amazing. Love to you both, Angela (Madison’s Mom)