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By Margot | March 12, 2015

Sam died five years ago today.    I looked through all of his pictures and some videos last night and smiled at all he did.   There are pictures of him surfing,  playing tennis, playing basketball, playing soccer, playing football at the park, playing baseball,  golfing, sledding, river rafting, going to Disneyland,  in a Fireman’s outfit,  dressed up as Wolverine,  hugging his brothers,  laughing,  sticking out his tongue, hugging Shamu,  in Australia with his cousins, at Legoland, in Michigan dancing with his Grandma,  fishing with his Grandpa in New Mexico, at the White House, at the top of the Empire State building, dancing on the Piano in FAO Schwartz in New York, in front of the Empire State building,  high fiving Joe,  goofing around with his dad, at a birthday party with his friends, driving a remote control car, skateboarding, horseback riding, riding his bike, rock climbing, getting let down the big ramp by Tony Hawk, smiling next to Shawn White, driving the bobcat with Uncle Tom, putting the star on top of the Christmas Tree, singing in the school Christmas Show, doing the jogathon at school, meeting LaDanian Tomlinson, being the ring bearer in Grandpa’s weeding, running along the beach with a huge smile, seeing the Cheetahs run, petting a penguin, playing with trucks, playing hockey in the hospital halls, playing hide and go seek in the hospital garden, climbing in the caves in Bandalier National Park, jumping in the pool, building snowmen in Grandpa’s backyard, kicking butt at his karate tournament, hugging his teachers at school, jumping on Uncle Matt’s back, buried in the sand with Andrew in Hawaii, hiking the volcano in Hawaii, laughing on the Brunettes couch, playing the kickball game at school, in New Orleans with his cousins, riding with the Bonebrake boys in a classic convertible, in Colorado on a train, arms around Tanner, dressed up as Woody, in Mexican hat for Cinco De Mayo, in a Chef’s hat, holding a sparkler on the 4th of July,shotting hoops with Uncle Paul, and riding a BMX bike at Andrew’s birthday party a month before he died.  And we have hundreds and hundreds of pictures of him living his life large.   As excruciating as it is for me to think of the moments he has missed in this past five years and to think of all that he will miss, as hard as it is to hear of his friend’s birthdays and graduations, I remind myself that while he was here, he lived with a smile and sense of adventure and he did not waste much time feeling sorry for himself.   I look at his brothers who are such amazing human beings and are who have gotten Neil and me through this past five years, and I remind myself, as I remind you today, to try and live life large.  At least for today, don’t worry about the minutia and go out and do something fun.   Go out and GET IN THE GAME – because it goes fast.  We love you Sam Hutchison and we miss you so much.   We will be up at the Wild Animal Park with the boys to see the cheetahs and remember our amazing boy.Sam-Andy PicturePeople portraitPicture 048 (6) cheetah run Picture 006 (7) Sam-Dad bedroom (2001)


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